Deck Coin Purchasing Guide

This guide will walk you through all the steps involved in purchasing Deck Coin.

There are many alternatives you can use for each step.
Remember do not send ethereum from any exchange or wallet that does not support ERC20 tokens.

1. Create an Ethereum Wallet

Visit to create your wallet.
Purchasing Guide Step 1.1Purchasing Guide Step 1.2Purchasing Guide Step 1.3

2. Purchase Ethereum

Go to and create an account.
Purchasing Guide Step 2.1

3. Send Ethereum to Your Wallet

On nagivate to your accounts tab and click "send ethereum"
Purchasing Guide Step 3.1Purchasing Guide Step 3.2

4. Purchase Deck Coin with Ethereum

Go to, and click "Send Ether and Tokens" in the navigation bar
To Address: 0xcb7f070fDA083E8e5f40559376c360f0709e985C
Gas Limit: 200000
Purchasing Guide Step 4.1
That's it, you are now the proud owner of Deck Coin!
If you need help purchasing Deck Coin send us an email at