Deck Coin Ethereum Refund

This guide will walk you through all the steps involved in reclaiming the Ethereum you used to buy Deck Coin

1. Go to myetherwallet contracts tab

Refund Guide Step 1

2. Enter in the following information

Contract Adress: 0xcb7f070fDA083E8e5f40559376c360f0709e985C
ABI: [{"constant":false, "inputs":[], "name":"claimRefund", "outputs":[], "payable":false, "stateMutability":"nonpayable", "type":"function"}]
Refund Guide Step 2

3. Finalize Refund

Scroll down and click the the grey box, select ‘ClaimRefund’. Acess your wallet and click ‘Write’. That’s it! You will receive the Ethereum that you paid into the contract.
Refund Guide Step 3
That's it, you have received your refund!
If you need help refunding Deck Coin send us an email at